Hi, I'm Sven Groot. Ookii, pronounced /oːkiː/ (roughly “oh-key”), is Japanese for "big," and my last name means that in Dutch. Here, you can find software projects I've created, links to my publications and other University projects, information about my Let's Plays, my occasionally updated blog, and more.

Latest blog posts

Jumbo and .Net Remoting

2022-11-24 01:11 UTC

One of the things I knew I would need for Jumbo was a way for clients and servers to communicate. Clients would have to communicate with the servers, but servers also had to communicate with each other, mostly through heartbeats.

Ookii.CommandLine for C++

2022-10-23 23:33 UTC

Today I'm releasing a library that I've had for a long time, but never released: Ookii.CommandLine is now available for C++. It offers the same functionality as its .Net counterpart, but with an API that's suitable for C++.

A tale of two Jumbos

2022-10-17 22:54 UTC

When .Net Core started getting more mature with the release of .Net Core 3, I was interested in learning more about it. While I don't use .Net in my day-to-day anymore, I still like it, and .Net Core's promise of cross-platform .Net would've saved me so much hassle back in the day. So, I was curious to see whether I could get Jumbo running on it, just for fun.




A command line argument parser for .Net and C++, with argument parsing rules based on PowerShell.


Common dialog classes for Windows Forms and WPF.

FormatC syntax highlighting

A class library that allows you to apply syntax highlighting to source code in a variety of languages.

D'ni number conversion

A web-based tool for converting to and from the D'ni number system used in the Myst series of games.