Hi, I'm Sven Groot. Ookii, pronounced /oːkiː/ (roughly “oh-key”), is Japanese for "big," and my last name means that in Dutch. Here, you can find software projects I've created, links to my publications and other University projects, information about my Let's Plays, my occasionally updated blog, and more.

Latest blog posts

Jumbo's JobBuilder: part 2

2023-02-07 18:54 UTC

Previously, we looked at how Jumbo required you to create your own job configurations, and how I tried to alleviate that with helpers for common job structures. I wanted a way to make this easier.

Jumbo's JobBuilder: part 1

2023-01-26 00:13 UTC

From the moment I started working on Jumbo, I knew I wanted two things: I wanted it to be more flexible than plain MapReduce, and I still wanted it to be easy to use.

Ookii.CommandLine 3.0

2022-12-01 22:28 UTC

This is the biggest release of Ookii.CommandLine yet, with many new features, including support for an additional, more POSIX-like argument syntax, argument validation and dependencies, automatic name transformations, an updated subcommand API, usage help color output, more powerful customization, and more.




A command line argument parser for .Net and C++, with argument parsing rules based on PowerShell and POSIX.

FormatC syntax highlighting

A class library that allows you to apply syntax highlighting to source code in a variety of languages.

Answer File Generator

A command-line tool and library to generate answer files (unattend.xml or autounattend.xml) for unattended Windows installation.

Media Foundation Encoder

A simple AAC encoder for Windows using Media Foundation codecs.