Hi, I'm Sven Groot. Ookii, pronounced /oːkiː/ (roughly “oh-key”), is Japanese for "big," and my last name means that in Dutch. Here, you can find software projects I've created, links to my publications and other University projects, information about my Let's Plays, my occasionally updated blog, and more.

Latest blog posts

Dark mode

2023-08-09 00:37 UTC

To modernize the appearance of my site a little bit, I've now added a dark mode!

Ookii.CommandLine 4.0

2023-07-20 20:07 UTC

When I released version 3.0 of Ookii.CommandLine last year, I wasn't expecting to have another major release so soon.

Jumbo's JobBuilder: part 2

2023-02-07 18:54 UTC

Previously, we looked at how Jumbo required you to create your own job configurations, and how I tried to alleviate that with helpers for common job structures. I wanted a way to make this easier.




A command line argument parser for .Net and C++, with argument parsing rules based on PowerShell and POSIX.


Ookii.BinarySize is a modern library for parsing and displaying quantities of bytes, using human-readable representation with units such as "KB", "MiB", etc.

FormatC syntax highlighting

A class library that allows you to apply syntax highlighting to source code in a variety of languages.

Answer File Generator

A command-line tool and library to generate answer files (unattend.xml or autounattend.xml) for unattended Windows installation.

Media Foundation Encoder

A simple AAC encoder for Windows using Media Foundation codecs.


Latest Let's Plays

Let's Play Myst VR
Let's Play Myst VR

Let's explore the ages of Myst once again, and geek out about being able to do it in virtual reality.

Let's Replay Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Let's Replay Mass Effect Legendary Edition

A casual playthrough of Mass Effect 1 using the new Legendary Edition.

Let's Play Syberia
Let's Play Syberia

Kate Walker's mission to purchase a toy company ends up being far more than she bargained for.

Let's Play Sanitarium
Let's Play Sanitarium

What would you do if you wake up in an asylum, with no memory of how you got there, and it seems like not just you, but the whole world might be going crazy?