Hi, I'm Sven Groot. Ookii, pronounced /oːkiː/ (roughly “oh-key”), is Japanese for "big," and my last name means that in Dutch. Here, you can find software projects I've created, links to my publications and other University projects, information about my Let's Plays, my occasionally updated blog, and more.

Latest blog posts

A new home for ookii.org

2017-06-30 00:17 UTC

Ookii.org now has a new home! It's the same site as always, except now it's hosted on Microsoft Azure. This shouldn't make any difference for you, and it probably won't mean this blog will get any more active, but all the existing content is still there.

Comments are now closed

2014-09-27 20:35 UTC

Due to the very large volume of spam comments this site receives despite efforts on my part to block them, I'm unfortunately forced to disable comments on all posts on this site. If you wish to contact me, please use Twitter instead.

.Net Configuration Section Documentation Generator

2013-06-08 10:42 UTC

Today I'm releasing another small tool that I created for personal use that I believe others might find of use. The tool...




A command line argument parser for .Net with argument parsing rules based on PowerShell.


Common dialog classes for Windows Forms and WPF.

FormatC syntax highlighting

A class library that allows you to apply syntax highlighting to source code in a variety of languages.

.Net Configuration Section Documentation Generator

Automatically generate XSD schemas and HTML documentation for .Net configuration files (e.g. app.config or web.config).