Frequently Asked Questions - The Guild of Let's Players

  1. Where are you from?
    I'm from the Netherlands, and I lived in Japan for 6 years. I currently live in Seattle, Washington, USA.
  2. Why don't you upload more?
    Let's Plays take a lot of time to make, especially with the level of preparation I put into them. Since I now have a full-time job and have gotten married, I don't have nearly as much time to make Let's Plays as I used to.
  3. Do you take requests?
    No. I don't get paid for this, so I only do games that I like and I feel like doing. Making requests or suggestions doesn't influence me at all, so it's entirely pointless.
  4. Is there an actual Guild of Let's Players?
    No, that's just the name of my channel. It's a play on the various D'ni guilds from Myst, and my avatar is the symbol of the Guild of Maintainers.
  5. I want to play game X myself, where can I get it?
    Many of the older games I play are available legally on for a very low price. Some of the Myst games are also available on Steam. For other games, I recommend you check places like or eBay.
  6. What recording software do you use?
    I primarily use nVidia ShadowPlay nowadays, though in the past I've also used Fraps, HyperCam, and DOSBox's built-in recording functionality. I record my narration on a laptop (separate from my desktop where I run the game) using Audacity.
  7. What editing software do you use?
    Primarily, I use a combination of AVISynth+, VirtualDub and Audacity. It’s not the easiest way of editing, but all the tools used are entirely free. I edit by writing an AVISynth script for the video, and check it using VirtualDub (VirtualDub is also vital in order to get the frame numbers to use in your AVISynth scripts). I then export the video’s audio using VirtualDub, and edit in my narration with Audacity. If further edits are necessary, those are done by modifying the AVISynth script accordingly. The videos are then encoded in h.264 using either x264 or ffmpeg (using nVidia's hardware encoding), the audio is separately encoded to AAC, and the two are combined using MP4Box. I've automated many of these steps by writing scripts for them.
  8. Who's on first?