Uryuomoco translator


Uryuomoco is an alien language from the webcomic El Goonish Shive. On this page, you can translate text between English and Uryuomo.

You can enclose text in [ ] to prevent it from being translated. For example "[El Goonish Shive] is great" will translate to "El Goonish Shive yuc tuloug.".

How it works

Uryuomoco isn't an actual language with its own vocabulary or grammar rules. It's actually a simple substitution cypher, which means that certain characters or combinations of characters get replaced by other characters. "Translating" to or from Uryuomoco is a simple matter of applying these substitution rules.

Some of the rules make certain translations ambiguous, particularly when translating from Uryuomoco to English. If an Uryuomoco word ends in "eh" there's no way to know if that "h" was added because the word ended in "e", or if the original English word ended in "of".

If a word is ambiguous and has multiple possible translations, the translator lets you pick from the alternatives before finalizing the translation. When translating from Uryuomoco to English, it's possible to use a dictionary to eliminate altnernatives that are not proper English words (this of course depends on the original English text having been correctly spelled).

Download the translator

It's possible to download a client version of the English/Uryuomoco Translator. The source code is also available.