Let's Play: Riven

You may have heard of something called a Let's Play video. These are videos on the Internet (typically YouTube) where someone plays through a game from start to finish, often providing commentary along the way.

I quite enjoy watching these videos. When done well, they can provide some nice added value to the game, and provide an opportunity to catch up on classic games that you never had the chance to play.

For quite some time now, I have harboured the plan to make a Let's Play of my own. Now, I have finally done so. The game I have chosen to play is Riven: The Sequel to Myst. This is my favourite game of the Myst series, and perhaps my favourite game of all time. Its level of depth and immersion is unparalleled by anything else I've seen, and because I know a great deal about the world of the Myst games it presented an ideal target for a Let's Play.

The first video of the series is embedded below:

Today, I have finally uploaded the final video of the 32-part series. The whole thing was recorded in a single weekend, and uploaded one by one over the period of two weeks.

All of the videos are available in this playlist.


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Posted on: 2009-07-26 15:44 UTC.



2009-09-13 03:30 UTC

Hi! I've never played Riven, but I played Myst: Uru and it's totally fun...but I suck at puzzles. Anyway, this video is really funny. XD I like the commentary by you. Also, I'm learning Japanese too.

こんばんわ! Lol.


2009-12-09 01:01 UTC

I played with Myst for just a bit years ago. I was fascinated by the entering of a new world, of the immersion into another reality, and the quest f the game. But that was years ago. I now have the 5 DVD edition of Riven but I have not been able to get it to work. Does anyone know how to get it to work using windows 7?

Baman Piderman

2010-03-08 07:05 UTC

I finished watching the LP. Great work, broseph.


2014-09-26 01:25 UTC

I posted the above comment with all the game links. Because I did not find a contact page or email. I thought this was a wordpress blog and you would get my comment to review before it was posted publicly. Thinking you might look over some of the links then not approve the long comment you would probably just delete it. But it posted lol.. Yeah can you please just delete the comment with all the game links, it was just for you to review! I do have other new adventure games you might be interested in playing? But I don't want to post all the other game links again! Thanks..

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