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Let's Play: Riven

You may have heard of something called a Let's Play video. These are videos on the Internet (typically YouTube) where someone plays through a game from start to finish, often providing commentary along the way.

I quite enjoy watching these videos. When done well, they can provide some nice added value to the game, and provide an opportunity to catch up on classic games that you never had the chance to play.

For quite some time now, I have harboured the plan to make a Let's Play of my own. Now, I have finally done so. The game I have chosen to play is Riven: The Sequel to Myst. This is my favourite game of the Myst series, and perhaps my favourite game of all time. Its level of depth and immersion is unparalleled by anything else I've seen, and because I know a great deal about the world of the Myst games it presented an ideal target for a Let's Play.

The first video of the series is embedded below:

Today, I have finally uploaded the final video of the 32-part series. The whole thing was recorded in a single weekend, and uploaded one by one over the period of two weeks.

All of the videos are available in this playlist.


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Send your name to the moon

As you may or may not know, NASA aims to return to the moon. In 2010, the Space Shuttle will fly for the last time, to be succeeded in 2013 by the Orion crew vehicle (part of project constellation), a capsule which looks a lot like a modern version of the Apollo command modules that between 1968 and 1972 sent 24 humans to the moon, half of which walked on it (one major difference is that the Orion will be reusable up to ten times; the Apollo capsules could be used only once).

The Orion will not only be used for supply missions to the International Space Station (taking over those duties from the Space Shuttle), it will also take humans to the moon (no later than 2020, according to NASA). Further plans include establishing a permanent settlement on the moon, learning to live and work on another planet, and to use this knowledge and technology for human exploration of Mars in the first half of the 21st century (again according to NASA). As a fan of space exploration I regret not having witnessed any of the original moon landings, so it would be great if they could pull all this off (especially if they go to Mars in my lifetime that would be awesome).

To gather detailed information about the moon (e.g. about possible landing sites) NASA is first sending the unmanned Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter. And you can send your name with it. If you register your name on this site, it will become part of a database that will be put on a chip on the LRO, so your name will be in orbit of the moon.

Yes, it's completely pointless. I don't care, it's just a fun idea. :)

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Awesome flight simulator video

As some of you know, I play Flight Simulator. I tend to go for the serious, realistic simulation.

This video shows you can also have fun with Flight Simulator when you relax realism a bit. :)

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Blast from the past

For a joke on Channel9 I needed a screenshot of Channel9 in Internet Explorer on Windows 3.11, and for a laugh I also decided to make a screencast of setting up Windows 3.11 in Virtual PC. It's not very useful, but maybe a bit of nostalgia for people who used this OS. :)

Watch the video on YouTube

The cursor is a bit wonky at times. It seems Windows Media Encoder (which I used to take the screencast) shows Vista's own cursor even when the cursor is captured by Virtual PC and isn't actually visible. This is why you get an additional cursor when I'm using the mouse in the Virtual PC. Nothing I can do about that, though.

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A look at my future

In just a few years, this will be me!

PHD Comics

Go read PHD Comics! Recommended by leading experts as the number one way to procrastinate when you should be studying. :-P

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