Ookii.CommandLine 3.0

When I released Ookii.CommandLine for C++, I realized I had quite a backlog of things I wanted to update in Ookii.CommandLine, not just for the C++ version, but for the .Net version as well.

The result is the release of Ookii.CommandLine 3.0 for .Net. This is the biggest release of Ookii.CommandLine yet, with many new features, including support for an additional, more POSIX-like argument syntax, argument validation and dependencies, automatic name transformations, an updated subcommand API, usage help color output, more powerful customization, and more.

Seriously, there's a lot. Even version 2.0, which was a substantial rewrite from the original, wasn't anywhere near as big. Unfortunately, that does mean there's some breaking changes, but I expect most users won't need to make too many changes.

One question you might have is, when is all this new stuff coming to the C++ version? Unfortunately, I don't have a good answer. I'll probably add at least some of the new features to the C++ version, but it probably won't be all at once, and I'm not going to give a timeline either. If there's any feature you want in particular, you should file an issue for it.

Get it on NuGet or GitHub. You can also try it out on .Net Fiddle, or try out subcommands.

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Posted on: 2022-12-01 22:28 UTC.


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