Ookii.CommandLine 2.2

Yes, I realise this blog is all but dead. However, I will soon finally complete my Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo (so, yay me!), and as a result I can now finally release a few things that had been put on hold while I was writing my Ph.D. thesis. In addition, I will probably release a few projects related to my research that may hopefully be of interest to some people.

First up is a small update to Ookii.CommandLine. This update adds command line argument aliases, some updates for usage help generation, and code snippets to help with creating argument classes.

In addition, I used NuGet to create a symbols package and published it on SymbolSource, which you should apparently be able to use as a symbol server in Visual Studio without manually downloading the symbols.

Get the release from CodePlex or using NuGet.

Categories: Software, Programming
Posted on: 2013-02-06 12:11 UTC.


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