Last post I said I would get the official exam results on September 7th. That's still true.

But my professor called me today to tell me unofficially that I have passed the exam. I am now, for real, a PhD student at Tokyo University!

Goukaku shimashita! Ureshii desu! (I passed! I'm happy!)

Officially I start October 1st, unofficially I can start pretty much right now. Of course the big first task is going to be finding a research topic.

Now let's hope life as a PhD student isn't too much like it's depicted in PHD Comics. :P

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Posted on: 2007-08-25 04:18 UTC.



2007-08-26 13:36 UTC

In het Nederlands dan maar: van harte met deze (voorlopige) uitslag. Heel veel succes toegewenst.
Hans (collega van je vader)


2007-08-26 20:10 UTC


Sorry if I said that wrong. I don't know Japanese very well.

Great software, by the way! Your Windows Mobile Japanese input panel is the best I've had the chance to use :D


2007-08-27 11:30 UTC

Gefeliciteerd, Sven! Je bent een echte kei.
Ik wens je veel succes toe met het promotie
onderzoek. We treffen elkaar wel weer op MSN.

Groetjes, Joost

Sven Wifstrand

2007-08-29 07:23 UTC

Hi Sven, this is Sven. Congratulations! How would you render our first name in Japanese?

Sven Groot Author comment

2007-08-29 10:36 UTC

Hi Sven, thank you! Since you are not the first to ask me this, I have devoted a post to it:

Sven Wifstrand

2007-08-30 06:58 UTC

Thanks a lot. I comment on the new post. Cheers!


2007-09-30 16:22 UTC

Hi!! Great page!! Enjoyed reading!

Easy question for you! Does your input Japanese software have a way to convert to Kanji?

I have a TyTn II and installed the font, input software and could type Hiaragana in Word, but in Calendar only boxes appear !


2007-09-30 16:36 UTC

Another thought!

Are both files

Japanese Input for Windows Mobile 5 and 6
Japanese Input source code

required on the Windows obile device?

Sorry to be a bit slow!


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